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History and Location

The school is situated in the centre of Lower Austria near the provincial capital city of St. Pölten. It was  founded in 1913 by the Austrian industrialist Dr. Carl Kupelwieser, also owner of the estate "Kyrnberg" which was donated to the school as basis for the modern school's farm.  The first, original school building was finished in 1913.

In 1977 the school moved into a new building, located in the outskirts of Pyhra, next to the estate "Kyrnberg".

In August 2009 the school was adapted to the new requirements and the school-annex was started. We got a modern laboratory, a new canteen kitchen, a new dining-hall, new offices and new and modern equipped classrooms. In cooperation with the community of Pyhra, a multi-purpose hall was also built. 

In autumn 2010 the construction works were finished.