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The Farm


Total size             160 ha

Fields                    41,20 ha  

Grassland             29,40 ha

Fir seed plantation  4,60 ha  

Christmas trees      1,20 ha

Orchards               1,40 ha  

Forest                 73,20 ha  

Buildings, oth.      8,35 ha  

Soil: medium to heavy loams

Size of plots: 0,40 to 5,8 hectares

Elevation: 300 to 380 m above sea

Average rainfall: 850 - 1000 mm/year


Dairy and beef production with Austrian Simmental
30 cows,  35 heifers & calves,  12 bulls

Milk yields in average: 10.200 kg per cow and year
Fat Percentage   4,20 %;  428,4 kg Protein   3,5 %;  357 kg  


Plant Production

Besides grassland mainly cereals like wheat, barley, rye, triticum and maize are cultivated. In addition there are several hectares of research plots where testing of different varieties, herbicides, fungicides and fertilization is managed and organized by us.

In cooperation with the University of Agriculture in Vienna we operate a research plot for erosion experiments.